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Processing and Equipment for Advanced Plastics Group

     The processing and equipment for advcanced plastic group has long been committed to the basic scientific issues of polymer material processing, the generation and control of special morphological structures in polymer processing, and the research of high-performance and functionalization. The research fields closely combine the frontiers of polymer processing disciplines and the needs of enterprises, mainly including: (1) polymer crystallization under the action of an external field; (2) structuring processing of polymer materials; (3) environmentally friendly and high-performance medical polymer materials ; (4) Functional application of polymer materials; (5) Life-span and reliability evaluation of polymer materials.

Recent Progress

ØCongrats on professor Jia-Zhuang Xu and Meng-Han Bai for the acception of paper “Mucosa-Like Conformal Hydrogel Coating for Aqueous Lubrication" on Advanced Materials.

ØCongrats on professor Jun Lei and Run-Pan Nie for the acception of paper “Surfactant-assisted fabrication of room-temperature self-healable dielectric elastomer toward actuaiton application" on Conposites Part B.

ØWelcome PhD Rui Hong to our group

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